For those of you that aren't aware of Kualoa Ranch I'll start off with some background. It is a ranch on the island of Oahu where many famous movies and TV shows have been filmed. Some of the movies and shows include: Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Lost, Windtalkers, Godzilla, Kong:Skull Island, and of course, Hawaii Five-0. They offer tours around the ranch to see some of the filming sites. As you go around the tour, you can get off the bus to explore some of the site more in depth. This was the first stop. You notice the road in the photo? Those are wide enought to fit semi trucks through carrying different props. If you were standing where I was and turned around, you would see the area where Jurassic World filmed the Mososaurus scene. Also known as the scene with the big water dinosauar that ate the shark. Enjoy! 

Kualoa Ranch

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