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Welcome to ADPhotography. Our great selection of photos will decorate your household or work area with visually amazing photos ranging from Earth to deep space! Customer service is available and your fingertips to make a more customized order. Subscribe to get great deals and alerts for new photos. Speaking of new photos, they're always being add for your enjoyment. Follow our social media to know what I'm doing day to day and to get insights on how the photos make it to from the field to the gallery.



This is a brand new online photography store run by me, Austin DeSisto, and my family who continually help me keep the store running and take amazing photos. My brother/dog Bear has begged to be in the store because he believes that he is the most important. I got my first real camera before I went to my second super bowl because I though that it would be a good event to take photos and videos of. That was over 2 years ago. The collection of photos from places I've been has  grown over these two years. After my most recent trip to the islands of Hawai'i, I decided that I wanted to let other people enjoy the amazing experiences I've had through my photos. I hope that you will have a pleasant experience with my work.



If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or requests, contact me here.

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